UNESCO in Slovakia – Top 5 spots of Bardejov

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The astonishing beauty of Gothics

After covering Banská Štiavnica and Levoča, we are completing our UNESCO towns in Slovakia series with Bardejov. Compared to the previous two, this town has a smaller historical center doed predominanty with a beautiful square. However what Bardejov lacks in size it more than makes up for with absolute uniqueness. Just imagine that once you enter the historical centre through one of the well preserved bastions, you will find yourself in the middle of architecture unrivalled in the central european context and unaltered through the centuries. This is a place that almost did not grew outside its walls and fortifications. Thanks to this it has remained perfectly preserved in time is a fine specimen of gorgeous Gothic architecture. That’s what makes Bardejov so valuable among truly well preserved cities with a strong unaltered medieval character frozen in time.



Ease, on the hill above the town’s great walls stands Bardejov´s Calvary. This complex of buildings won’t impress you with a sophisticated structure or a strategic location like the Calvary of Banská Štiavnica would. It is true that it is not in the best condition. However, when you traverse the deep forest to its peak, you will find yourself in a peaceful place, a clearing in the forest resembling a natural square, surrounded by forest and a small church that attracts attention with its appealing architecture. Come autumn, when the trees have almost shed all their leaves, you will be able to spot the main historical landmarks of Bardejov below you.

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A truly unique place in Slovakia. It is not just a single building but a set of buildings that used to be home to the sixth largest Jewish community in Slovakia. It includes the main landmark: the magnificent Old Synagogue, the Bet Hamidrash House, the place of the ritual baths (Mikvah), a water tower and a heating plant. Last but not least there is also Chevra Bikur Cholim synagogue, which impresses with its clear white color in the narrow alley on the edge of the walls. If you want to learn more about the very interesting Jewish history of Bardejov and its tragic end, make sure you definitely allocate enough of your time to explore these places, it is well worth it.

Old Synagogue of Bardejov
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The mere view of the city from the greenery of the Calvary hill on the Krátky Rad street, stretching along the medieval fortification is stunning. From this spot and everywhere you look. you see arranged before you several small and larger towers, bridges over what used to be moats, high walls, and somewhere in the middle, the spire of St. Egid Basilica. Equally interesting is the view of the city from the open parts of the walls. You may also want to visit one of many bastions in the fortifications, They are considered to be some of the best preserved in Slovakia.



The museum, similar to one in Levoča, is a set of buildings, the most interesting of which is the former town hall. During the visit of museum you will have a chance to explore the history of Šariš and its jewel – Bardejov – through numerous works of art, paintings, altars and statues, which are among the most valuable collections of such artifacts in Slovakia. Also the town hall itself is a structure that strikes one as not fitting in Slovakia but rather would be better suited architecturally in a Bavarian town. That’s Bardejov. Unique, surprising and remarkable.



By far the most interesting and beautiful place of Bardejov, with a sumptuously decorated interior, in the spiritual silence, the Biblical stories come to life its many gothic altars and paintings. The entire main nave is criss-crossed with a gothic altars. Accentuated by the monumental depiction of the crucifixion of Christ suspended high above the nave. A visit to this Basilica is a journey into the Middle Ages and its masterpieces. When you find yourself there, we definitely recommend a climb up the tower of the Basilica to enjoy a magnificent view of one of the most beautiful squares in Slovakia.



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