A miraculous underworld – Top 10 caves in Slovakia

  Astonishing and mysterious underground Slovakia is home not only to countless castles, copious historical sites, places of folk architecture and breathtaking natural scenery but also caves: many caves. To be exact: 7,000 caves (and counting). Perhaps even while you … Continued

Top 13 medieval towns in Slovakia every history buff should visit

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Catastrophe for the Kingdom of Hungary followed when in 1526 the Turks defeated King Louis Jagellon at the battle of Moháč. Many towns on the territory of modern-day Hungary, Croatia and Serbia were totally destroyed, villages plundered, precious monuments devastated. It … Continued

Gem in Central Europe – 25 reasons to visit Slovakia

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Indeed a small country, only half the size of Hawaii, but a lifetime may not be long enough to explore the long list of places to see. Unbelievable? Just come and see the plethora of castles, zounds of caves, spas, many … Continued