UNESCO church in Hervartov

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Beautiful UNESCO listed wooden church

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This inconspicuous but beautiful church, built entirely out of wood stands atop a steep hill at the very end of the village of Hervartov. It is located near the medieval town of Bardejov, which is itself a protected UNESCO heritage site. The church of St. Francis of Assisi may fool you from the outside. Because once you enter inside you will find yourself transported to a world of beautiful folk craft that dates back to the 15th century, reaching it’s peak in sculptures and paintings. Beautifully carved wooden figurines and altars alternate with even more beautiful paintings and paintings on the wall, the most precious of which is written in the language of the old bible of Kralice – an old version of Czech, and it signifies the gratitude people felt for the protection afforded to them from Turkish onslaught of the time.

The interior is crowned by the beautiful main wooden altar that dates back to 1460-1470 depicting the Virgin Mary, St. Catherine of Alexandria and St. Barbara. It should also be noted that the church, in contrast to the East Slovakia´s Greek-Catholic and Orthodox churches, has a different, purely Gothic architecture.

For its beautiful interior and because there isn’t even a single metal part in the church, including nails this church is included into the 2008 UNESCO world heritage list, along seven other churches from the Carpathians in Slovakia. During the visit we definitely recommend seeking the guided tour by the mayor’s wife as she has a strong and sincere connection to this church and it’s history.


 ­ Pros

-beautifully located atop a hill

– wooden Gothic architecture

-distance from UNESCO town Bardejov

-bus connection

– no crowds

-great guided tour lasting no longer than an hour

­ Cons

– unsure opening hours

-poor food facilities


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