Top 15 views of Slovakia

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Slovakia´s beauty can be defined by its infinite sea of rolling hills, valleys, monumental peaks, steep cliffs but also by something that is very specific to this country. This something is the reward for overcoming the countless hills and mountains … Continued

Devín Castle

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An Ancient Castle on the Confluence of Two Rivers I have visited:    One of two castles in Bratislava, placed “magically” on a steep rock over the confluence of two beautiful rivers: the gloomy Moravia and the robust, creamy Danube … Continued

Church of St. Margaret of Antioch

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Ancient Church from the times of Great Moravia I was here: ­Standing in front of this church means being part of over 1100 years of history, which has, astonishingly, transformed the church of St. Margaret of Antioch only slightly. It … Continued

Follow me to Slovakia

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Watch the Follow me to Slovakia video. “Oscar” goes to Patrik Paulinyi and his girlfriend Andrea Zahurancová. Seems that their hard, one year lasting work was really worth it.

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