Top 15 views of Slovakia

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Slovakia´s beauty can be defined by its infinite sea of rolling hills, valleys, monumental peaks, steep cliffs but also by something that is very specific to this country. This something is the reward for overcoming the countless hills and mountains through gateways to another world. A world which acquaints you with vast areas of Slovakia, extending to its borders and beyond: a world of views. It is difficult to highlight only 15 of them, but our list cannot be endless. With the exception of 1, you have to use your own two feet to get to them and at some point of your journey you will have to put up a fight and convince yourself to continue. But don´t lose focus of your objective – the most beautiful views of Slovakia.


Have you heard of the village “Čičmany” famous for the mysterious motifs painted on the walls of houses? And did you know that right above Čičmany stands a beautiful peak with stunning views of central Považie? This peak is called Strážov and the hike is steep, but not very long. The most alluring views are from its steep cliff.

Mountain Range: Strážovské vrchy


Marek Lutišan


It may have never occurred to you, but on the way to Košice by train following alongside the river Hornád embedded into the valley, keep in mind that where this river pours out into a broad canyon is one of the most beautiful views of all of Slovakia. The mountain top is called Sivec and if weather permits, it will show you the Tatras.

Mountain Range: Čierna Hora

Jozef Sadecký


Perhaps the most beautiful spot to catch a view of the lower – Lúčanska Malá Fatra. It is the dominant peak of the area, a Table Mountain in Slovakia. Making your way to the top will take some time, but the gorgeous 360° view of Small and Greater Fatras decorated by the colors of the sunset are what make Kľak so popular.

Mountain Range: Small Fatra (Malá Fatra)



A bizarre rocky environment full of pyramids, arcs and sharp needles rising high above the valley beneath it. With a little fantasy, you can spot enchanted figures and houses in the rock formations. Such sights can be seen from the top of the main mountain ridge of the Súľov Crag. We recommend the view from the Súľov Castle, a historical site located in a daring terrain.

Mountain Range: Súľovské vrchy

Jozef Sadecký


Picture a steep rocky cliff high above the Hornád River bisecting the Slovak Paradise with a breathtaking view deep into the river and surrounding think mystic forests of the Paradise and the sky-scraping Tatras. This is Tomášovský Výhľad viewpoint (the “Tomašák), one of the most popular viewpoints in Slovakia. The hike to the top is not demanding, as described in our article listing the top hikes in Slovak Paradise.

Mountain Range: Slovak Paradise (Slovenský raj)

Peter Olekšák


Upon hearing the world “Greater Fatra”, the peaks for great views that usually comes to mind are Tlstá, Ostrá or Križná. But, if you have ever visited Rakytov which stands alone separate from the main ridge, you know that it is the clear winner in the “Most Beautiful View” category. You will be surrounded by endless green hills and valleys of the wilderness called Greater Fatra.

Mountain Range: Greater Fatra (Velká Fatra)

Tomasz Worek


Seems quite ordinary and uninteresting peak at a first glance, at the edge of Rožnava in the middle of the Volovské Hills which separate the Gemer from the Spiš Region. Unfortunately, this first impression does not do it justice. If you chose to hike to its top, you will not be disappointed. The views of the High Tatras, over 60km in the distance, the canyon of the river Slaná, which has bisected for thousands of years Silica and Plešivec plateau of Slovak Karst National Park are remarkable. 

Mountain Range: Volovské vrchy

Pali Gerec


The tallest peak of Small Fatra often under attack of heavy winds and lightning. There are two paths that lead to the top, either the steep climb under the cableway going to Snilovské Sedlo or aboard one of the wagons. If you choose the second option, beautiful views of Rozsutec and Malý Kriváň mountains will only be a half-an-hour walk up.

Mountain Range: Small Fatra

Marek Lutišan


Legendary “King” of mountain tops, upon which, according to legend and folk songs, should stand a green tree leaning towards Slovakia´s soil. This song symbolizes the importance of this robust mountain to Slovakia. Those who make it to the top by foot or bicycle, will understand why. There probably is no better view of High Tatras in Slovakia.  

Mountain Range: Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry)


We have written about Roháče not too long ago. They are beautiful, wild, steep and dangerous. But we know of a place, from which you can see them in all their splendor without having to exert as much effort or overcome as much fear as when crossing the sharp edge of Ostrý Roháč. And no, you are not on the mountain ridge of Roháče but on the top of the beautiful limestone mountain called Osobitá. Attention: Assistance of professional mountain guide is needed due to protection of the nature, otherwise the area on the top of the Osobitá (not saddle) is restricted to enter. 

Mountain Range: Western Tatras (Západné Tatry)



Babia Hora, the legendary Devil´s Hill, or Diabliak, as it is called by our Polish neighbors. It stands high over the idyllic landscape of Upper Orava and its reputation proceeds it. Getting to it requires patience, time and, most importantly, good weather. A large number of thunderstorms, sudden changes of weather and unpleasant fogs are what inspired its nickname. The views from the top of the Western Tatras as well as the entire Dam of Orava are unbelievable.

Mountain Range: Beskydy

Tomasz Worek


If you are searching for a place in the Low Tatras from which you will be able to see the entire ridge of the Tatra´s National Park – from Sivý Vrch to Kežmarský Štít, the place you are looking for is named Krakova Hoľa. But that is not all you will see. As it is removed from the main ridge, you will also have a view of the majestic Low Tatra´s peaks Chopok, Ďumbier and Ďereše.

Mountain Range: Low Tatras (Nízke Tatry)



The third legendary peak of Slovakia and one of the most important symbols. The hike is truly exhausting but if you plan your hike to reach this beautifully shaped peak in the morning or night, you will quickly forget the way up as you take in the view of the rocky cliffs and steep peaks of the Tatras glistening in the rising or setting sun.  

Mountain Range: High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry Tatry)



The view is similar to that from an airplane. This is exactly how you will feel once you overcome the steep climb to the robust peak of Choč and take in the view of Liptov far below you. From here you will see Liptovská Mara dam lake reaching towards Spiš and a 360° view of the tallest peaks of Slovakia from Low Tatras to Greater Fatra. It is probably the only peak from which you are able to see all of Slovakia´s giants.  

Mountain Range: Chočské vrchy

Lukáš Kucej


The tallest mountain of Poland which has two peaks: one in Slovakia and the second in Poland. From the polish side, you will see the beautiful Morskie Oko, the largest azure tarn in the Tatras, and from the Slovak side you will see everything there is to see from Kriváň Peak all the way to Lomnica Peak including the breathtaking perpendicular wall called “Gánok Gallery”. Probably the best view in the Tatras and definitely in Slovakia.

Mountain Range: High Tatras (Vysoké Tatry Tatry)

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