Let’s listen to Fujara!

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Slovakia has not only made the list of UNESCO sights that are of an immovable nature, but has also several inscriptions on the list of intangible UNESCO heritage. That of course only underlines the great cultural diversity and heritage of this small country. And one of those inscriptions is the Fujara. An instrument with magical sound that originated in the mountainous parts of Slovakia. Listen now to its great sound while reading something about it in a nutshell:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7HymIzcdd4Y&w=420&h=315]

Fujara performance by Mr. Nadishana

Fujara is an over five feet (1.7m) long, deep-bass folk flute of Slovak shepherds. Cherished in the seclusion of Slovak mountains, Fujara has been able to maintain its simplicity over centuries. The Fujara flute uniquely combines a natural, easy to learn playing technique and an amazing tone!

Why is Fujara flute so fascinating ?

  • First of all, you do not have to be educated musician to play the Fujara flute. Fujara overtone playing technique feels so natural that even a beginner can play nice tunes.
  • However, the most fascinating is the Fujara tone! It is exactly the kind of tone which will make you stop and listen. Many say they will never forget hearing the Fujara for the first time … Just take a while to relax and listen to available fujara audio samples now.
  • It would dare say that the Fujara is the same to flutes as the Didjeridoo to trumpets. So simple, so archaic, but so amazing!
  • At the same time, every Fujara flute is a unique creative work of art – an original. Traditionally, it is made completely by hand from deciduous trees (elder, maple, locust tree), and it takes up to one month to build a good Fujara from a seasoned piece of upland wood.

Learn more on fujara.sk