Church of St. Margaret of Antioch

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Ancient Church from the times of Great Moravia

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Standing in front of this church means being part of over 1100 years of history, which has, astonishingly, transformed the church of St. Margaret of Antioch only slightly. It is as if its surroundings, where you will not find any parking lot or unnecessary tourist buildings, truly appreciate its respectable age. In fact its biggest advantage is that it is not well known and is not the usual stop for tourists passing by via the highway to Moravia.
It then comes as quite a surprise that it is a first-class monument placed on the waiting list to be registered as a UNESCO sight as one of the oldest ecclesiastical monuments in Central Europe. While visiting, keep in mind that you will be in the presence of Great Moravian history in the most pristine form. Some research results claim that it was constructed during the reign of Prince Svätopluk. It is highly improbable that you will find monuments of this age in such a preserved state anywhere.
During the spring and summer the silence is only interrupted by birds chirping,  creating a very serene atmosphere. If you have the time, lay in the grass under the tree standing directing in front of the church and let your mind take you back to times when Sunday mass could be heard in the Old Slovak language.

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    Nearest  Bratislava – 91 km

     Getting there: 
    By Car: Via D1 highway, EXIT Kúty
    By Bus: Transport  finder 
  •  Entrance Fee 
    There is no fee.
     Opening hours 
    The church is not normally accessible to the public. It is possible to arrange a visit of the interior at the municipal office in advance by telephone on the following number 034/668 11 28.
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  • The church is an original pre-Romanesque building. It is a single-cell church with small rectangular chancel to the east chancel. The recent excavations have shown that the original church had a rectangular narthex at the west end of the church, and this contained a large stone lined tomb for the founding figure of the church. When the narthex was pulled down the Gothic arch which formed the entry at the west end, was inserted.[1]
    Since 1995, the church has been listed under Slovak cultural heritage. The outside of the church is openly accessible to the public. It stands in a field to the east of Kopčany and it is about 1.6 km from the major Greater Moravian site at Mikulčice, which is on the other side of the Morava river. It is approached by a road and is fairly close to the ruins of a 16th-17th-century building which may have been a farm or manor house.



– tranquility without tourists

– the oldest church by far in Slovakia

– free of charge

– easily accesible by car/bike

– good place to set up the tent



– uncertain guidance (via phone only)

– less preserved interior

– further distance from highway

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