Slovak-Polish spas and monuments to be connected!

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Have you ever been to Bardejov? If not, there will be a new possibility to get to this UNESCO gem by bicycle! Slovakia and Poland have decided to connect their spa towns with a 230km bicycle path.
Since Bardejov has its own spas (a short distance from the city) it was chosen as the starting point. The path will lead you through Bardejov, Polish Krynica, Muszyna, Piwniczna, and Szczawnice, and back through Slovakia´s Červený kláštor (Red Monastery) in the heart of Pieniny National Park, Podolínec, Vyšné Ružbachy, Ľubovnianske kúpele ( Ľubovnianske Spas), Plavnica, with its final stop in Slovak town Čirč.
This means that you will now be able to easily access spectacular sights in Slovakia via bicycle (UNESCO in Bardejov, the magical Ľubovňa Castle, the spectacular medieval monastery in Červený Kláštor, as well as the charming medieval square in Podolínec. If time allows, you can also jump into the unique thermal traventine Kráter Lake in Vyšné Ružbachy. On the Polish side, you can enjoy the picturesque Szczawnica near the mouth of the Danube in the Pieniny National Park or the amazing atmosphere in beautiful Krynica.
You can look forward to all these bicycle adventures in the year 2019 when the bicycle path is expected to be finished.