Devín Castle

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     Devín castle

A thousand years of history

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One of two castles in Bratislava, placed “magically” on a steep rock over the confluence of two beautiful rivers: the gloomy Moravia and the robust, creamy Danube at the Slovak-Austrian border at the edge of the Donau Auen National Park.

It can be seen from afar from every directly and its history is older than a thousand years, as evidenced by the numerous archeological finds on the castle grounds and its surroundings.

The views from the castle, whether admiring the confluence of Morava and the Danube or the Austrian Alps, weather permitting, are unforgettable. Its lower brick turret called the “Virgin” is one of the main symbols of Slovakia.

All this only a 20 minute bus ride from the center of Bratislava. Next time you visit the capital, pay Devin´s Castle, famous for its history, a visit and also try Devin´s red current wine – it is a must!


full: 5 €

discount (kids od 6 – 14 y., students, pensioners):  2,50 €

family fee (2 adults and kids until 14 y.): 10 €

school groups (with minimum 10 persons): 1,50 € per person

 Monday entry fee 

full: 2 €  

school groups (with minimum 10 persons): 1,50 € per person


Bratislava city card: 20 % discount from 5 € fee or  20 % discount from the lower  2 € fee

Bratislava Card 100 % discount from entry fee

 Free of charge: 

For: Kids until 6 y., journalists, tourist guides

 April – September: 
TUE – FRI 10:00 – 18:00 last entry 17:30
  SAT – SUN 10:00 – 19:00 last entry 18:30
 October – March: 
TUE – SUN 10:00 – 16:00 last entry 15:30

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breathtaking views

amazing location on the confluence

more than 1000 years of history

short distance from the capital

proper transport connection

great cycling spot

mini ZOO nearby

interesting events

handmade souvenirs just below

opening hours

closed before sunset 

museum visit does not take longer than 40 mins

only low cost or lower quality food below

crowds of people during weekends


The site has been settled since the Neolithic Age and fortified since the Bronze and Iron Age and later by Celts and Romans.

The cliff (elevation 212 meters) is an ideal place for a fort due to its position at the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers. The fort watches over an important trade route along the Danube as well as one branch of the Amber Road….continue on wiki