Devín Castle

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     Devín castle

A thousand years of history

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One of two castles in Bratislava, placed “magically” on a steep rock over the confluence of two beautiful rivers: the gloomy Moravia and the robust, creamy Danube at the Slovak-Austrian border at the edge of the Donau Auen National Park.

It can be seen from afar from every directly and its history is older than a thousand years, as evidenced by the numerous archeological finds on the castle grounds and its surroundings.

The views from the castle, whether admiring the confluence of Morava and the Danube or the Austrian Alps, weather permitting, are unforgettable. Its lower brick turret called the “Virgin” is one of the main symbols of Slovakia.

All this only a 20 minute bus ride from the center of Bratislava. Next time you visit the capital, pay Devin´s Castle, famous for its history, a visit and also try Devin´s red current wine – it is a must!