Mišo Valach

Traveler, adventurer, nature and history lover who enjoys capturing interesting moments and people with his camera. Has discovered during his travels around the world and longer stays in two countries that Slovakia´s beauty is a worthy competitor to that of popular tourist destinations. So an idea was born; a project which would bring this beautiful country closer to those who had been unable to read about in their language: foreigners living in Slovakia and abroad.


                                                                                                                                       Mirka “Mimi” Fabian15208016_10154844877724679_2013164582_n 

A recently repatriated nature and history lover who has returned to her home country to discover her roots. My thirst for adventure is deeply satisfied by Slovakia´s mountains, endless bicycle paths and the history buff in me has never-ending opportunities to explore historical sites and monuments hidden in every corner of my humble homeland. Her motivation to work on this project stems from the desire to share the beauty and wonder of this country with the world.